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Creative Ideas for High School

We discovered the beauty of co-op classes for high school.

  • Moms taught classes in their strong areas.
  • We hired a teacher ($20/month/family).
  • It was a great venue for them to give speeches to someone outside their family -- as required by many of the diploma programs.
  • It was great practice for assignments and deadlines imposed by someone other than Mom.
  • It was great socialization during this key developmental period.

We hired a former homeschool mom, who had a degree in chemistry, to run a weekly co-op chemistry class, including experiments, homework, lab reports, and exams.

We hired a woman who taught Spanish for years at a local Christian school. She hosted a meal at the end of the class.

Co-op was a great place for speeches... here my daughter presents the history of Converse sneakers!

Dr. Stoudt graduating from Liberty University on May 12, 2012

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